Hurricane & Emergency Prep 101

Hurricane season is from June 1-November 30. As of this post we are one month out, time to get prepared.

Living in Miami and having survived and lived through many hurricanes and tropical storms, including Andrew, Katrina, Wilma and Irma, here are my thoughts on preps.  90% or more of the people have no preps  and only prepare when we are in the cone.  

So when everyone else is scrambling at the last minute for food or water or gas, I can focus on OPSEC and catch up on other things. 

My current preps have 30 gallons water in 5 gal jugs, and another 55 gallons in a rain barrel. Emergency  Food supply for 30 days (humans and dogs) as well a camping stove and a months worth of fuel.  Batteries, candles, flashlights and solar powered lights as well.  Back up solar chargers for home electronics. 

All preps are kept in water tight orange ammo boxes a green  box for tactical supplies. Each is labeled accordingly such as first aid, health and hygiene, flashlights and batteries, etc.  Emergency Comms is a CB radio and hand held Ham radio.

Here is my checklist for when a storm comes,  this was put to the test with  many storms over the years, but still not 100%. Feel free to modify for your own SHTF or update in the comments 

Hurricane prep 101

These are guidelines that work for me, you may need to change and adapt based on your situation or the storm, as each is an unique and individual event.

One month before Hurricane Season

  • buy all your supplies now before you need them

Track storm online

Five days in cone 

  • Check all supplies 
  • food
  • Gas
  • Water 
  • Dog food 
  • Paper goods, toilet and paper towels 

Three days in cone  

  • Charge all power tools
  • Top off gas
  • Top off water (5 gallons per person)
  • Top off any foods stuffs ( 1 week+ per person)
  • Top off first aid supplies (1 week)
  • Get cash 250-500 small bills (5s, 10s and 20s)

Two days in cone 

  • Prepare garage 
  • Remove all patio outdoor furniture 
  • secure garbage cans, BBQ etc. 
  • Fully charge all solar packs and back up batteries 
  • Charge communications 
  • Check battery powered flashlights 
  • Make gallon bucket of  solid ice for ice chest 
  • Make more ice for back up
  • Wash all clothes 
  • Start medicating dogs with calming pills etc. 
  • charge backup battery 
  • check generator
  • Evacuate  or no, based on storm path and plans

One day /day of based on time of impact 

  • Move all preps, first aid and food storage into place 
  • Water cans ready 
  • Check self defense systems 
  • Deploy flood storm surge systems / sandbags 
  • Prepare tactical plans / self defense plans
  • Preposition flashlights and candles in house 
  • Preposition communications in house 
  • Set electric curtains at half in bedroom and living room 

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