Musk Ox Farm: As Seen on Atlas Obscura

Advertisements I normally don’t go to these types of places but I was intrigued and very happy I idid! These prehistoric Ice Age giants were once nearly extinct and they are now thriving both at the Musk Ox farm as well as in the wilds of the Arctic plains. Worth a Visit you can only[…]

Salty Dawg Salon: As seen on Atlas Obscura

Advertisements As an Old Salt and Navy sailor myself (two West Pac deployments), I know a good dive bar when I see one. And I’ve seen them all from the bars of Singapore to Pattaya Beach, from Tijuana to Olongapo and from Barcelona to Costa Rica. From the Florida Keys to Rio de Janeiro. Not[…]

Serendipitous Encounters of Random People in Alaska

Advertisements Traveling solo allows you to meet and interact with various people in many places, people you would not normally strike up a conversation with if you weren’t alone. During the year I spent backpacking across Europe in the early 80s, I met many interesting people, many became friends and a few lovers. More Memorable[…]

3,000 Mile Alaska Road Trip

Advertisements During my Alaska trip, I drove more than 3,000 miles, with more than half of that on dirt, gravel or rock roads. Even got stuck and had to self-recovery the truck out of a jam (see photo at end of post). I literally beat crap out of my 4×4 rental. Here are the major[…]


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