Fishing & Other Adventures

Alaska: June 2022 (done)

Amazon Rainforest: Aug. 2023 & Jan. 2024

Fjords of Norway: Summer 2024

Iceland (planning)

Canada Arctic (planning)

Argentina Patagonia (planning)

Journey to the last frontiers … From Florida to Alaska, The Amazon and Beyond

While my backyard is the Everglades and Biscyane National Park, this site will explore my journeys, adventures and misadventures to some of the world’s last frontiers and wild waters for world-class trophy fishing.

Follow for the planning, logistics, budgets and travel tradeoffs as well as live blogging and GPS tracking during the trips, as satellite access allows. 

Explore the last frontiers with me:

Fishing trips on some of the wildest waters in the world with top rated guides

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