SUP Fishing from a Stealthy Platform

Fishing from a stand up paddle is the perfect stealthy platform for sight fishing and fly fishing.

Standing up on the SUP you can see across the flats and with polarized sunglasses can see through the water.

Travel light with one or two rods, a small gear bag, water, PFD and a few accessories thrown in a waterproof bag.

Living along Miami’s Biscayne bay I often fish from my SUP in the bay targeting sea trout, blue runners, barracudas and bonefish.

Tricked out SUP

Besides getting into or close to mangroves for fishing, the SUP is also a great platform to get out to the flats, where I can stake it and wade fish the flats or a sandbar.

Staked out SUP while I wade fish the flats
Small cuda taken on SUP
Fishing the flats Key Biscayne

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