Catching Florida Peacock Bass on Fly

Peacock bass are native to the Amazon and are also available to catch in South Florida’s urban canals, lakes and the Everglades.

Targeting these tropical fish on a fly is a blast, as they are super aggressive and strike hard, fight hard and will give you a run for your money.


My go to fly rod for Florida peacocks is an Orvis Recon 5wt or Orvis Clearwater 5wt. One of the best rods for the money, made in the USA and paired with an Orvis 5wt reel with floating line.

The best flies are streamers or poppers in an assortment of colors. But I have caught them on practically any type of fly that also catches largemouth bass, snook, etc.

Strip fast, set hook hard and hold on for a fight, even from scrappy 2-3 pounders.

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