Extreme & Other Points Traveled

Extreme points traveled 

Some people never leave their hometown or state, or travel outside their country. I’ve been traveling since I was 17 and to date I’ve been to more than 60 countries and territories on five continents and sailed the seven seas.

As of this writing, here are some of the extreme geographical points I have traveled to / crossed and still have a few more to add.

Please leave comments how far you have traveled from home.


To date, my northern most location I have visited is Jokkmokk, Sweden, north of the arctic circle. Location: 66.612298, 19.839591.

I plan on going much further north in Alaska, looking at Wiseman as a basecamp for the arctic at 67°26′0″N 150°5′40″W.


To date, my Southern most location I have visited is Santiago, Chile. Location: -33.4851714, -70.5993728

Future plans are for Punta Arenas, Chile as a basecamp at 53.1638° S, 70.9171° W.

Geographic lines crossed 

  • Arctic circle – Train and foot 
  • Tropic of Cancer – USS Niagara Falls
  • Equator – USS Niagara Falls
  • Tropic of Capricorn – USS Niagara Falls  
  • International date line ship – USS Niagara Falls
  • Greenwich Mean – Foot
  • Checkpoint Charlie – Foot 
Straddling Prime Meridian
Shellback Certificate, Crossing the Line 1980

Oceans & Seas Sailed 

  • Adriatic Sea
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Arabian Sea
  • Baltic Sea
  • Caribbean Sea
  • Indian Ocean
  • Mediterranean 
  • North Sea 
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Persian Gulf
  • South China Seas 
1982 West Pac

Furthest from home (point on land) 

  • Perth Australia, 11,455 miles from home 
  • Diego Garcia BIOT, 10,250 from home port 

In the coming years, I plan on reaching new extreme travel points both in the Arctic as well as in the Southern Hemisphere.

milemarker post Diego Garcia BIOT

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