Old School Bait & Tackle Shops

Like an old school barber shop, a bait & tackle shop is a place to gather and talk and if you’re lucky maybe learn a thing or two about life from an ol’ timer.

I grew up in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn in the 1970s and worked on the Pilot II fishing boat. One season, maybe 14 years old, I worked at Mike’s Bait & Tackle selling bait and tying rigs.

Pilot II Sheepshead bay, Brooklyn

Hanging out in a bait & tackle shop, or just stopping by for a visit and asking questions, is a great way to learn about what’s biting, what’s hot and learn about gear. Something you can’t get at a big box store or online.

Whenever I go fishing I always stop by the local shops to get some local gear (flies, license, etc.) as well as a little local intelligence. And sometimes a beer (see post on local bar knowledge here).

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