Knives Out: from Swiss Army to K-Bar

I own north of 50 knives of all different types and uses (not counting kitchen knives) Here are some of favorite and most useful knives for backwoods adventures to park picnics.

Buck Knives

I’ve had a buck knife ever since I was in the Navy. My favorite all around folder is the Buck 110 hunting knife. Made in the USA, this knife is at ease camping, fishing, hunting or just hiking.

Buck knives 110 Folding Hunter Lock-back Knife, Brass Bolsters, Ebony Handles, 3-3/4″ 420HC Clip Point Blade with Leather Sheath

Buck Knife, as sharp looking as it’s sharp


Not so much an outdoor knife, but Dexter filet knife makes perfect cuts on all types of fish. Only have one and have had it for many years. sharpen between use!


Gerber is my go to EDC knife and I keep several in rotation as well as in the car, first aid kits, gear bags etc. Gerber has a wide assortment of folders and tactile knives to fit just about any need, personality or budget. You can also customize your Gerber knife!

EDC- Gerber Fastball EDC Folding Knife

Hunting / survival –GERBER StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife 


My Navy-issued K-bar knife has been with me since my first deployment in the Persian Gulf in 1980. I have taken this knife all over, but now it is mostly in my night table along with my dog tags and DD214.

Great for fighting, or camping and outdoors and also useful in bushcraft survival skills.



The do anything, go everywhere tool. Got to love them. Got to have them. There are many brands on the market but my two favorite are Leatherman Wave and Gerber Centerdirve . I have them in my bug out bag, gear bags and truck. Plus one or two for around the house when I don’t want to go to the garage and get my cordless power tools.

Leatherman Wave

Swiss Army

Victornox Swiss Army knives are amazing little EDC tools. I own at least a dozen Swiss Army knives and a few collectables as well. Again, for EDC, travel, car, first aid kit (think scissors and tweezers) camping, hiking and picnics (open wine bottles)

Favorite of all the Swiss Army knives: Swiss Army Huntsman

William Henry

A collectable handmade knife with Damascus steel blades and exotic woods and gems. A Gentleman’s pocket knife that comes in handy for cutting apples at a picnic or just looking good at the office.

Below is the Ice Age II with Damascus steel blade and fossilized Wooly mammoth tooth inlay in the handle.

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