Chasing Waterfalls

There is something magical about waterfalls. Peaceful, powerful, serene and sensual. I have been to many waterfalls throughout the world, and every time I’m in awe of the simple beauty of water falling and the roar or ROAR of cascading water.

So, don’t listen to TLC, and yes, go chase waterfalls. Here are a few that have a special place in my heart.

Big and Powerful

Foz do Iguaçu

Located on the Brazilian – Argentine border, Foz do Iguaçu is comprised of more than 275 falls and the combined flow of these individual falls is the largest of any waterfall in the world. It is much taller than Niagara Falls and is twice as wide.

I went there in late 1993 when my wife was pregnant with our son. It was a magical time to explore this region of Brazil and experience the falls.

Alec & Silvia, 1993

Small and Beautiful

Pagsanjan Falls, Phillipines

I had the pleasure of visiting Pagsanjan Falls in the early 1980s, before it became overrun with tourists. While in the Navy I took a leave of absence and traveled around the Philippines and spent a few days exploring this region =m, mostly by boat Bangka boat, an indigenous boat to the region.

after a 2 hour boat ride, through some amazing jungle scenery, mountain gorge, small villages and along the same river where Apocalypse Now was filmed, you come to the actual falls.


Costa Rica rainforests

Family hike, Costa Rica, 2004

Steamboat Springs, CO

Not the biggest, not the most famous, but very significant, because it was the first hike after my wife’s cancer surgery and we made it to the falls.,

Steamboat Springs, Co 2017

Touristy but worth it

Niagara Falls

I was stationed on the USS Niagara Falls, AFS-3, a fast combat supply ship from 1980-83.

However, I did make it the the actual Niagara Falls twice. First was for the ship’s 50th commissioning anniversary in Niagara Falls in 2017.

USS Niagara Falls, AFS-3

Niagara Falls, 2021

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