How to Remove a Tag from a Shark: Very Carefully

During a recent sailfish trip offshore Miami on Double Threat Charters, we also decided to target sharks. we cut up a barracuda previously caught and used chunks for bait.

For the day we went 2 for 3 on sharks with the last one being a 300 pound (massive) Bull Shark. Bulls are among the most dangerous and I have caught them previously, but at half this bruiser’s weight.

At the boat, after a long fight from 150 feet of water, we notice the shark is tagged — meaning researchers have tagged him and we are morally obligated to retrieve the tag and report the data of the catch.

No way were we going to put a 300 pound still very aggressive shark in the boat to remove a tag on his dorsal fin.

Tag is circled

The fishing mate, tried three times and almost fell in the water with the bull shark, who was getting more aggressive each time we attempted to remove it.

Finally he was able to remove the tag and the captain to call it in. After the tag was removed, the mate cut the wire leader leaving thee hook in his mouth, but that will rust out in a short time and have zero impact on the shark.

check out the video:

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