Rapid City, SD — A City of Presidents

To celebrate President’s Day weekend I decided to do a post about Rapid City, South Dakota.

Rapid City is known as The City of Presidents, a designation earned both by its proximity to Mount Rushmore and the downtown public art project comprised of 40-plus life-size bronze presidential statues on various corners throughout downtown.

I came to Rapid City, more as a jumping off place to reach central Wyoming for fishing along the North Platte river. I was pleasantly surprised how nice the city is and spent a couple days at both ends of my trip to WY. Besides visiting Mt. Rushmore and walking through the downtown area, I was surprised by all the statues of US Presidents.

Regardless of one’s political leanings, there is a statue for just about everyone to take a selfie with.

Rapid City and nearby Mt. Rushmore definitely take their presidents seriously.

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