Fishing Report: Peacock Bass in Miami’s Suburban Canals

The canals in miami’s southwest suburbs provide a wide range of native and non-native fish. None is more sought after then the aggressive Amazon native, Peacock Bass.

Typically I go out to the Everglades backcountry to fish for them but every now and then I hit the local canals. February is when they spawn and if you hit it right you’re rewarded with monster sized peacock bass.

As my guide said it is quality not quantity for this trip (last trip in the Everglades in late December 2021 we landed over 100 fish all under 3 pounds). Today we landed less than 2 dozen fish all over 3 1/2 pounds.

The stars were aligned so to speak. the fish were aggressive when sight targeted on or very near their nesting beds with live shinners. Out of the strike zone they didn’t hit. We were able to pick and chose the fish we wanted, targeting only big ones guarding their nests.

Personal Best Peacock Bass

Today I was rewarded with back-to-back personal bests, first one over 5 pounds and the second peacock bass came in at 6 1/4 pounds.

Can’t wait for my Amazon trip next year where fish up to 20 pounds is not uncommon.

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