My Good Luck Fishing Mugs

Fishermen are a superstitious lot. While I don’t consider myself superstitious, I will admit to having a lucky hat and favorite fishing mugs, fly rod, etc. But I don’t get bent out of shape or blame my luck when the fish don’t bite. It’s called fishing and not catching for a reason (see blog post here) .

So, this will be an occasional series on what I use as lucky charms or talisman for fishing luck.

Favorite Fishing Mugs

These aren’t just mugs, they are custom artwork by world famous fly fisherman and artist Jeff Currier.

In preparation for a fishing trip, I will exclusively use that fish’s mug for days or weeks ahead of time, i.e. tarpon, snook, bonefish, peacock bass etc. Sometimes I will buy a mug to commemorate a personal best i.e. Mahi Mahi caught offshore OBX (see blog post here).

Each mug represents a story or a special moment on the water. And when not fishing I rotate the mugs and whether I grab a snake river cutthroat or a snook, I remember the fish, the water, the trip and the fly or lure used to catch him.

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