A Three Hour Tour … Exploring Sarasota Bay

The wife and I recently did a three hour eco-tour of Sarasota Bay on a guided pontoon boat. Basically we covered the area from south Siesta Key to New pass between Lido Key and Longboat Key.

I know these waters very well having fished, paddle boarded and kayaked these waterways for many years when we had a condo on Lido Key.

We were treated to a pod of feeding dolphins that were pushing up mullet onto the sea wall thus trapping them and making an easy lunch for the hungry dolphins. It’s amazing to watch these mammals work together as a team and herd the fish much like a cowboy would herd up cattle.

We also got to see a rookery on a small protected island in the bay that had many nesting birds from white pelicans to roseate spoonbills.

On the way back to the marina the weather turned, and I kept singing the tune from Gilligan’s Island … but we had a great day on the water and my wife got to share it with me!

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