Alaska Expedition: 3 Month Countdown Update

Three months to go and time to double check gear and supplies, finalize logistics and budgets. prior to the trip I will post full gear and budgets. for itinerary see.

Gear & Supplies

  • fly fishing gear and fishing clothes
  • back country gear and clothing
  • first aid and emergency supplies (including bear safety)
  • Sat communications and GPS devices


  • 4×4 truck rental
  • hotels and AirBnb
  • fishing guides
  • coordinate with Navy buddies living in AK


As of now this trip is 100% fully funded!

My Alaska 2022 trip is running approx $15,000 all in.

I have made about $5,000 in deposits (hotels, truck, guides, float planes, etc.) and have 10K in cash to pay for the rest (including credit card bills after the trip). I plan on taking at least 3k cash for the trip. I used points to get first class plane tickets round trip, otherwise that would be another $2,500-$3,000 for first class.

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