How Far is Too Far?

How far is far?

Depends on where and how you are traveling.

Six hours in the car with screaming kids is far (trust me). Flying across the Atlantic in coach is far. Driving across country on a road trip with a great soundtrack is not far. Been there done that.

The furthest point away from home was Diego Garcia, when I was in the Navy, and that was over 10,200 miles (16,400 km) from home. (see blog post here).

Diego Garcia: 10,200 miles from home

So how far will I go?

For love I went to Brazil, where my wife is from to ask her father for her hand in marriage, which was more than 4,800 miles (7,700 km) from New York to Santos, Brazil.

This year’s fishing expedition trip to Alaska will see me at least 5,200 miles (8,370 km) from home when I’m at the lodge in Wiseman, Alaska, 75 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Wiseman will be my base for Arctic adventures through the Brooks Range and areas further north.

Next year’s Amazon Adventure puts me deep in the Amazon jungle (GPS coordinates: S8 10.655 W60 27.205) and nearly 3,000 miles (4,800 km) from home and a day’s boat ride to the nearest road.

The distance between my fishing camps in Alaska and the Amazon are a staggering 6,700 miles or 10,800 km.

Rio Guariba, a tributary of the Rio Aripuanã

So how far is far? While some people never venture too far from home, and they can be extremely happy, others have a longing to travel and see the world that is insatiable.

For me I’m forever an adventurer and raconteur, but there really is no place like home at the end of a journey.

Alec Rosen, Chief Adventurer & Raconteur

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