Amazon Expedition: 2023

I have officially booked (for the third time in two years) an Amazon expedition for August 2023. The previous ones were canceled due to COVID and travel restrictions.

My original plans were to explore and fish along the Rio Urubaxi a tributary to the mighty Rio Negro.

Now I will be heading to the Rio Guariba, a tributary of the Rio Aripuanã. GPS coordinates (8°10’39.3″S 60°27’12.3″W) of the Base Camp, which is a day’s boat ride from the nearest dirt road!

While this leg of the trip will mostly be fishing and some jungle exploration, I plan on adding some days before / after the trip for additional Amazon adventures.

So, Alaska will be this year’s big adventure and next year the Amazon. the distance between my Arctic and Amazon base camps is more than 10,800 KM.

Stay tuned for more news on both of these.

Alec J. Rosen, Chief Adventurer & Raconteur

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