Almost Circumnavigated the Globe

The earth’s circumference is 24,900 miles and I have been within 1,600 miles of circumnavigating the globe. that’s covering 94% of the the circumference.

Let’s break this down:

Each degree of latitude is approx 69 miles or 111 km.

  • Heading east the furthest I have been is latitude 35.3, Dead Sea, Israel.
  • Heading west the furthest I have been on land is latitude 58.8 Masirah Island, Oman.

That’s a difference of 23.5 degrees of latitude or approximately 1,621 miles out of a total of 24,900.

Now if I count the furthest west at sea that would be somewhere off the coast of Kenya at approx. 42 degrees of latitude making the circumnavigation differential about 483 miles or 98% of the globe’s circumference!

Not quite the accomplishment of Ferdinand Magellan, but pretty pretty close to circumnavigating the globe.

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