My Fish Wish List …

Not so much a bucket list, but a wish list of fish I want to catch (and release) over the next few years (then I’ll create another wish list instead of a bucket list by the time I’m 65).

Some of these are on the books for the this year (Alaska) and next year (Amazon) and others may just be out of reach, but that’s why it’s a wish list and not a bucket list!

I have been fishing since I was a teen and to date I have caught more than 60 species of salt and fresh water species. (see list here)

While some of the following I have caught in different waters (rainbow trouts and peacock bass) catching them in their native waters will be a thrill.

Alaska Target Species: 2022

  • Rainbows Trout 
  • Dolly vardens 
  • Salmon 
  • Arctic Graylings 
  • Halibut 
  • Rock fish 

Amazon Target Species: 2023

  • Peacock Bass (Cichla pinima)
  • Arowana/Monkey Fish
  • Bicuda
  • Giant Piranha
  • Matrinch√°
  • Jatuarana
  • Payara / Vampire Fish
  • Pacu
  • Cats including: Barbado ~ Redtails ~ two species of Surubim/Shovel-nosed Cats ~ Jundia

Other Species / Expeditions

  • Arctic char
  • Roosterfish
  • Swordfish
  • Marlin
  • Wahoo
  • Golden Dorado
  • Fly fishing in Scotland (had a trip booked, but canceled in 2020)
  • Patagonia (Chile or Argentina)
  • Guatamala
  • Lake Superior
  • Ice Fishing
  • Dry Tortugas
  • Bimini, Bahamas
  • PAC NW
  • Canada, BC, Quebec

Local Advantage:

Fishing for wahoo, marlin and swordfish are all very doable from where I live, and I had shot at wahoo but never landed.

A full day swordfish charter runs about $2,500-3,000 all in, and right now that is about half my local fishing budget, so it’s a function of money and not a realistic opportunity as of today.

Dry Tortugas is also doable either catching the ferry from Key west for overnight camping and SUP fishing (least expensive) or booking a charter out of Key West for several days for a few thousand dollars.

Bimini, Bahamas is a short flight from Miami and should be an easy enough trip if I can focus on making it happen as opposed to planing far away adventures.

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