Top Inshore Sharks to Catch in Florida

Fishing for sharks is super exciting, fun and adrenaline pumping. But it’s mostly about waiting for the sharks to come to your bait and chum line.

Florida is a great place to fish for inshore sharks in shallow flats of Biscyane Bay, off Miami Beach or in the waters of Everglades National Park, or any coastal water on the East Coast or Gulf Coast.

In fact most sharks I have caught are within yards of the shoreline! Here are the top favorites for inshore sharking:

Blacktip Shark

Range: All Florida coasts, the Bahamas and Caribbean

Habitat: on of the mot common flrohia sharks found in open seas and shallow inshore flats along beaches and shorelines.

Fishing: Super fun to catch on medium tackle. Will take fresh cut or live bait.

Black Tip Shark

Bull shark

Bull Shark

Range: Common in Florida waters

Habitat: primarily costal, inshore, brackish and even in fresh water bodies.

Fishing: As tough a fighter as you will ever want to fight, as aggressive as their reputation. Medium to heavy tackle, takes fresh cut dead or live bait.

Lemon Shark

Range: All Florida coasts, Bahamas and the Caribbean

Habitat: Shallow inshore flats, shorelines and likes mouths of rivers and creeks.

Fishing: Great on light medium tackle, takes a variety of fresh or dead bait. Will spit it out and make a fool of you (see video)

Spinner Shark

Range: All Florida coasts, Bahamas and the Caribbean

Habitat: Open seas, sometimes in shallows and along coastlines

Fishing: Spectacular jumps for a shark, great on medium tackle will take live or cut baits.

Shark Bait and Chum

Releasing Shark: Video

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