Search and Rescue / Extraction

Nobody plans for an accident or an emergency. But failure to have a plan in case of an emergency is asking for trouble.

In less than three weeks I will be starting out on an intensive Alaska expedition at the age of 60. Physically I’m in good shape, working out and medically cleared. And I have the proper gear (see video here)

So what happens when things go sideways, a medical emergency or an accident when you are off the grid and far from a road or civilization or cell coverage.

Emergency Sat Comm

For communications and SOS alerts I have my Garmin Inreach Explorer+ that enables me to communicate via satellite not only to saved contacts (texts only) and send GPS live coordinates but also a global SOS / SAR network. See post here on Garmin.

Search and Rescue

SAR in the back country of Alaska or the Amazon can mean the difference between life and death. Garmin provides SAR insurance with their devices for a nominal annual fee.

Medical Evacuation / Extraction

Once a SAR team finds you and if you require a medical evacuation / extraction back to civilization those costs can easily run tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore I also purchased $1 million of medical evacuation / extraction policy from Ripcord for less than $250 .

Life Insurance

Finally, I always have carried a more than adequate life insurance policy to take care of my loved ones.

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