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Shark Fishing in Miami: Fishing Report

A late May Wednesday which was a Chamber of Commerce picture perfect day on Miami’s Biscayne Bay, I took my GoPro out for some field testing before my Alaska trip.

After goofing around and catching some snappers in the channels, we decided, why not get a shark and take some underwater video (this is also why women live longer than men).

Shark Fishing

So after catching a yellow Jack on a live shrimp to use as shark bait, we headed out to the flats in hunt for a nice lemon shark to film.

yellow jack

While not the most aggressive, but between 60-120 pounds, a Lemon shark is nothing to fool around with either.

Within 30 minutes we chummed up a few lemons near the boat and was able to sight cast the shark with a bloody chunk of bait. Once he sensed the dead fish and blood it was shark on.

shark on!

Check out the video

Underwater shots are after thee 2:30 mark:

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