Anchorage to Kenai Peninsula

This was the first leg of my first trip to Alaska.


I stayed a couple of days in Anchorage to acclimate myself to the time zone and climate as well as catch up with an old Navy friend who lives in Wasilla (more in future posts on friends). During these days I also stocked up on some gear, bear spray, fishing flies and some camping equipment.

Enjoyed a day touring Anchorage with my friend and a visit to the Anchorage museum. All fun, but not very adventurous!

Seward / Sterling Highway

First adventure was taking the famous Seward Highway then the Sterling to Homer Alaska. Parts are like driving in the Florida Keys, instead of a narrow road with ocean on both sides, you are surrounded by mountains, glaciers and thee ever impressive Cook Inlet.

I stopped along the way a few times for pictures and a hike.

Check out the video

In future posts I will write about Homer, Cooper Landing and hiking the Kenia Fjords national park, all part of this first leg.

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