The Sights, Sounds and Smells of Homer, AK … A Fishing Town

Homer Alaska sits at the end of the Kenai Peninsula at the terminus of the Sterling Highway.

As one enters the self-proclaimed Halibut Capital of the World, the various sights, sounds and smells reinforce that this is a serious fishing town, I have come here to fish for halibut and king salmon (see blog post here).

There are more boats in the harbor than people in the town. RVs and tents line the shores of the Spit road, as do fishing charters, fish restaurants and bars, including thee over-hyped tourist trap Salty Dawg.

Halibut is King

This is a town that Halibut fishing, both commercial and sport, has built. there are reminders of the sea wherever you look, from bigger than life halibut on side of buildings, hooks and a memorial to lost fisherman.

Homer is Fishing

From commercial fishing to fisheries like Salmon on Sisters and Homer Fish Processing, this is a fishing town.

A Seafarers Town

The sights and sounds of seafaring life abound in Homer, from the harbor, Coast Guard station entrance buoys to the seafarers memorial for those lost at sea.

Road Trip Video to Homer and Homer Spit

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