Fly Fishing Montana Creek, Alaska

In any other state this would be a river, which seems to be part of the taxonomy of waterways in Alaska. Regardless of its classification, Montana Creek right outside Talkeetna, offers some awesome scenery and fishing.

Baby Moose and A Fall in the Water

Wildlife highlight was watching a baby moose swim across to his momma on the other side. I also took a fall in the water and got bounced around n the rocks and bruised on my right side, other than that it was a peaceful day on the creek. While I was soaking wet and had to strip off my waders, the 100% wool base layers and socks actually kept me warm even though they were wet. Wool is the way to go in Alaska.

Tough but Nice Trout Water

While the trout on Montana creek were smaller than on the Kenai, they were just as much fun to catch. The water was fast moving and had a lot of structure (submerged trees in the water) that the trout used to their advantage by diving for cover and breaking off. Landed about a dozen or so all about the same size as those pictured below, and lost an equal number, give or take in the structure or fast currents.

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