Denali National Park: Part 1

Denali National Park and Preserve is a little smaller than Belgium and bigger than the US state of Connecticut.

I was able to see and experience Denali NP from the air, from the water and from the land. All in all I spent five days in the Denali area around Talkeetna of which three days were within the park.

By Land

My initial plan was to hike the Savage trail (about 4 miles one way then hitch a ride back to my truck) but after my fall in the Montana Creek left me bruised with a slight limp, I decided to take it easy. I took my time along the road to the trail head, making many stops along the way for photos and to take the scenery in awe.

I made a smoked salmon sandwich and had a picnic lunch by the river, had to eat fast as not to share my lunch with the wildlife!

While I didn’t get to hike, I did get to see and enjoy the Park as well as Denali peak on a clear day.

Mt Denali 20,310 feet

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