Dalton Highway: Part 2 Coldfoot Camp

Coldfoot Camp

North of the Arctic Circle sits Coldfoot Camp, a glorified truck stop half way up the Dalton, a six hour drive or so from Fairbanks. It’s not much, but what it is, is a welcome respite from the road. I stayed here one night in spartan surroundings and then two more nights in the lovely nearby town of Wiseman.

See videos at bottom of post.


Lodging has the feel of converted shipping containers, because that’s what they are.

I’ve stayed at better, and I’ve stayed at worse (that’s another blog post). Bare bones and spartan the rooms are made for truckers or adventure seekers needing a place to crash. some pitch tents in their “campground” while others overnight in their trucks. Two twin beds, a window, sink, toilet and a shower.

My room


All day breakfast and a buffet, simple hearty meals that provide the caloric energy needed to get through the day. Coffee is strong, beer is cold and food is not bad, it just is simple and good.

Gas / Diesel: Not Cheap

Literally last chance for gas for a few hundred miles in either direction; north to Deadhorse, or south to Yukon River Camp. Fuel up now or else!

Not Much Else

There’s an airfield across the road and the Arctic Visitors Center, which is worth a visit, as it’s the only thing in town.

Arctic Visitors Center

Coldfoot Videos

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