Dalton Highway: Part 4 Atigun Pass

Atigun Pass is the most dangerous part of what has been called the most dangerous highway.

Atigun Pass (68° 7′ N, 149° 28′ W), is a high mountain pass across the Brooks Range and It’s where the Dalton Highway crosses the Continental Divide.

This road is featured prominently in Ice Road Truckers as one of the most dangerous passes in the world. While I traversed it in mid-June (no ice on the roads), it is still a white knuckle drive over dangerous gravel and switchbacks and hairpin turns. No room for error.

On the north side of the pass begins the North Slope and tundra plains all the way to the Arctic Ocean.

Atigun Pass video

Check out the full video of the entire Atigun pass driving north to south.

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