Celebrating Labor Day: All the Jobs I’ve had Since the 1970s

Growing up in a working class union household in Brooklyn, NY, I was expected  to work. And work hard from an early age. Basically I’ve been working since 12 years old and financially on my own since 17, when I joined the US Navy.

Jobs I’ve Held / Hats I’ve Worn

Reflecting on my “jobs” this Labor Day Weekend, I have worked from a deckhand on an oil tanker to a CEO, from an entry level energy analyst to a marketing consultant and from a janitor to a Navy engineer. I also worked from minimum wage jobs to six-figure jobs with a corner office.

US Navy

This is the “job” that for good or bad, has defined the rest of my life. I joined in 1979 and was on board the USS Niagara Falls, working up to 12-18 hour days a 7 day a weeks for months on end. Only job where everything was on the line, up to and including my life and those of my shipmates. I made lifelong friends and bonds of brotherhood across generations of sailors, and did and saw things before I was 23 that most people can only dream of.

USS Niagara Falls, AFS-3


  • Paperboy on a bike
  • Fruit and vegetable store weighing  and bagging produce before calculators and computer scales
  • Fishing boat mate on Pilot II in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
  • Blacksmith apprentice in my grandfather’s shop
Pilot II, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn (1970s)
blacksmith Shop (worked on and off from 70s- mid 80s)


  • Machinists Mate, US Navy (active duty: 1979-83)
  • Commercial A/C mechanic
  • Electrical apprentice
  • Building engineer in a NYC nightclub
  • Deckhand on an oil tanker
  • Nighttime building security guard / janitor in college 
  • Admin assistant at Brazilian business chamber in college (see cover photo)
1980s USS Niagara Falls
Oil King, oil tanker for fishing fleet, Brooklyn, NY 1980s


  • Energy analyst for major oil firm 
  • Executive at major international advertising and PR agency


  • Advertising director for a major tech firm 
  • CEO of marketing agency 

2010s – 2020

  • Marketing executive at a nonprofit
  • During Covid
    • Online English Teacher and US Census Worker


  • CEO of nonprofit organization
  • Chief Adventurer & Raconteur at Journey to the Last Frontier

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