Toolik Lake and My Northern Most Fish

Toolik Lake is an Arctic lake located on the north slope tundra plains of Alaska (68° 38′ N, 149° 36′ W). It is also home to the University of Alaska’s Arctic Research Field Station.

During my research for this trip I became intrigued by the area and decided to visit. It is not an easy place to get to, it is 170 miles north of the Arctic Circle and on the north side of Atigun Pass!

Worth the Visit

While I was not able to tour the research center, I did spend a few hours by the lake fishing and having a nice picnic.

I ran into a couple whom I met at the Arctic Circle sign, that was traveling by truck from the lower 48. They had the same idea I had; fish and enjoy a nice lakeside lunch.

Most Northern: Fishing

At this lake, I caught my most northern fish ever, an arctic graying at 68° 38′ N, 149° 36′ W. What made it even more special was that I had the entire lake to myself and no guide. Just me. Solo DIY fishing in the arctic.

most northern fish I caught

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