Salty Dawg Salon: As seen on Atlas Obscura

As an Old Salt and Navy sailor myself (two West Pac deployments), I know a good dive bar when I see one.

And I’ve seen them all from the bars of Singapore to Pattaya Beach, from Tijuana to Olongapo and from Barcelona to Costa Rica. From the Florida Keys to Rio de Janeiro.

Two Old Navy Salts at the Salty Dog, Lido Key, Sarasota

Not Worth a Stop

I can honestly say that Salty Dawg (as seen in Atlas Obscura) is at best a place to post on Instagram to get likes and impress people, and at worst an outright tourist trap because it’s instagramable.

I went there after a full day of offshore fishing in Homer, Alaska and walked out without buying a drink or putting a dollar on the wall.

Hard pass from a real sailor. But to each their own.

Real Navy Salty Dive Bars

Olongapo, Philippines

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