Alaska: Diners, Dive Bars, Fine Dining and More

During my three weeks in Alaska, I sampled and ate my way across the state, from local diners and dive bars to out of the way truck stops and fine waterfront dining. Not to mention my own cooking, picnics and a few fast-food stops along the way.


I mostly made my own breakfasts at the various cabins I stayed at, eggs, bacon, sausage and the like, I did go to a couple of breakfast diners in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Worth the stop: Gwennies Old Alaska Restaurant in Anchorage.


Either grab and go fast-food on the road, or homemade sandwiches while fishing. nothing fancy. Did stop for burgers at the Yukon River camp.

Yukon River Camp Burgers and Fries


I enjoyed my dinners in Alaska from Homer to Fairbanks from seafood to pizza and burgers as well as a few homemade dinners in Wiseman and the buffet at Coldfoot truck stop.

Dinner with a View

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