Next up: 2023’s Amazon Expedition

While I’m still in my post-Alaska trip glow, my gears are grinding for next year’s trip to the Amazon, hosted by Amazon Angler.

Even though it’s months out, and I will be with a small guided group this time and not solo, there is still a lot of planning and prep work to be done. As I have more info, I’ll post more blog posts here using the same tags.

The Amazon Trip

A ten-day trip deep in the Brazilian Amazon. the lodge is a half-day boat ride to the nearest dirt road. So what ever I bring I have. What I don’t pack I will have to do without. On top of that, each angler is limited to 15 kilos of gear including all your fishing gear and personal items, etc.


While most if not all the gear I have, rods, reels, flies, lures, etc. I still need to review the final lists and possibly upgrade some gear for bigger peacock bass and giant catfish.

Gear Budget $1,500 for upgrades. Will do a separate post on the gear.


Getting to Brazil is easy from Miami,, there are several non-stop flights to São Paulo or Rio. Getting to the lodge in the southern Amazon takes 2 full days.

  • Miami to São Paulo to Manaus 14-18 hrs depending on transfers
  • Overnight in Manaus
  • bush plane to Apui, in southeastern Amazonas state
  • 4×4 jeep ride few hours to the river and half-day boat upriver to lodge 

GPS coordinates of Fishing Lodge

Howler Monkey Lodge on Rio Guariba 8°10’39.3″S 60°27’12.3″W

The Lodge

Howler Monkey Lodge, Rio Guariba

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