From Point “A” to “B” it’s only 10,000 Kilometers

When I started this blog, point A was always going to be for my Alaska trip of June 2022. Point B is for my Brazilian later this year to the Amazon. While I have been to Brazil many times over the last 30+ years (married to a Brazilian) I have never fished in Brazil, not have I visited the Amazon.

Point A-B is only 6,700 miles / 10,000 km

Point “A”

Point “A” Alaska expedition has been very well documented on this blog (see past posts here) as well as on my YouTube channel.

This was not really a point on the map, per se, but a true expedition. This was a complete DIY trip, planning, travel, etc and covered more than 3,000 miles of roads and hundreds of miles of waterways and flight paths.

Point “B”

Point “B” is an actual location deep in the southern Amazon (8°10’39.3″S 60°27’12.3″W) on the shores of the Guariba River. I will be staying at a remote lodge for a week of intense fishing on an extremely remote river for some of the Amazon’s true river monsters, including peacock bass and Payara, also known as the Vampire Fish and several other large amazonian fish.

The Amazon trip is hosted by Amazon Angler next August. And I will be blogging about this as well, so stay tuned!

vampire fish or Payara

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