Geographic Biomes: Another Personal Adventure Quest

A biome is a biogeographical area that may span more than one continent. Biome is a broader term than habitat. Out of the seven major land ones, I have been to all but one. Now it has become another one of my quests.

Major Biomes: And Where I’ve been

  • Tropical Rainforest
    • Brazil, Costa Rica, Southeast Asia, Oceania
  • Temperate Forest (deciduous forest)
    • North America and Europe
  • Desert
    • North America and Israel
  • Tundra
    • Alaska and Sweden
  • Taiga (Boreal Forest)
    • Alaska and Sweden
  • Grasslands
    • North America
  • Savanna
    • Not yet

As of this post, I have been to all except the Savannas, most famously in the Serengeti as well as those in South America (Brazil and Argentina).

I hope to make it to the South American savannas in 2024, possibly as part of a fishing expedition in Mato Grosso state in Brazil.

Biomes I’ve been to

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