Consistently Optimistic

My last two outing with my go-to guide, Capt. Mo, have been in a word consistent.

con·sist·ent (adjective)

acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate.

Oxford Dictionary

Consistently Awesome

For our February trip, we were consistent in catching bonefish, so much so it was my personal best day landing 9 out of 11 fish with three bruisers over 10 pounds.

Consistently Skunked

For our March trip we were consistent in catching nothing, but a few non-game fish which we released. As much as we tried, by covering a lot of water, switching up baits, lures, leaders, etc., and hitting previously productive creeks, channels and flats the result was consistent.

On the way back to the marina, Mo asked me what I though of the day, and I said consistent, but fun. As in consistently skunked as we didn’t catch any of our target fish, although we had multiple clear shots at some nice cudas, sharks, jacks and snook, , but the fish had other plans.

Sargent Major Fish (weird but pretty)

Consistently Optimistic

I’ll be back next month to fish again with Capt. Mo and will be just as hopeful as always. As I’m Consistently optimistic.

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