Offshore Sailfishing: Part 1 Catching Live Bait

Offshore Sailfishing: Part 1 Catching Live Bait

This is the first of a three part series on offshore sail fishing. Part 1 is about the proper bait, part 2, setting up the kites and the rigs and part 3, catching a sailfish.

Offshore kite fishing for sailfish is one of the most intense experiences one can have while fishing. Sailfish are pelagic predators and the world’s fastest fish, reaching speeds over 65 mph. In addition to the strength and speed, they are voracious eaters.

There are a lot of things that have to go right to catch sailfish, from weather, wind and water temperature to having the right bait in the right placate the right time. Then it’s a test of strength. But first you need the right bait.

The Right Bait

In having the right bait, the best bait is to have what they are foraging on that day.

To start the trip, first we spent about an hour catching live bait. For this trip we were catching herrings and within an hour we had enough bait to head offshore.

Catching the Bait

Using pre-rigged bait outfits with up to six small hooks we cast the rig towards schools of congregating baitfish. Quickly we are rewarded with double and triple headers of fish and in no time we have enough bait for the day.

Ready to head offshore and set the Kites (in part 2 of this series).

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