Getting Ready for the Amazon: Fishing Gear

I’m a little more than 2 months from my Amazon Fishing trip. There is so much yet to do and finalize before I head to Manaus in August.

This is a fully guided expedition that’s at a jungle lodge deep in the Amazon. The lodge is a half day boat ride to the nearest dirt road which is a 4-hour plus 4×4 ride to the nearest town or hospital.

area in Brazil fishing 2023 – 2024


Getting the gear right is critical. Because what you don’t bring you do without.

First we are weight limited to 18 kilos or 39.6 pounds which includes all my fishing gear, personal gear, electronics, clothes and of course luggage (backpack and soft-sided travel bags).

Fishing gear

While this is a “guided” trip, each angler is responsible for bringing all their own gear and fishing tackle. Mine includes approx. 10kilos of the following

  • 2 fly rods and extra reels (5 wt and 8wt)
  • 2 medium bait casters and reels and extra line
  • 1 heavy spinning outfit with 1 real and extra line
  • couple dozen lures, jigs and assorted terminal tackle, leaders, etc.
  • fly box with 2 dozen flies and leaders
  • knives and multi-tools

Other gear includes

  • iPhone
  • Leica digital camera
  • GoPro
  • Chargers for above electronics
  • first aid kit (small)
  • binoculars (small)
  • book and a journal

After luggage this leaves less than 2 kilos for personal gear and clothes, fortunately it’s in the jungle so I don’t need much.

Will update this blog post with additional posts on gear.

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