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A Jungle river camp in the Amazon

Every day during our weeklong Amazon Fishing Expedition we made a riverside campsite for our lunch and siesta (sesta in Portuguese.)

Choosing a Site

Our campsite were chosen with care, a cool shady spot by the river, sometimes on an island. We made sure there were no animals, especially snakes, bees, biting ants or mosquitos (at least less of them)

Each campsite had ample wood to start a fire and jungle canopy to provide shade and rest from the midday equatorial sun.

perfect spot for campsite

Riverside lunch

Lunch mostly consisted of fresh caught fish such as pacu, piranha or Matrinxã as well as meat, rice, tomatoes and farofa (toasted yuca flour)

Then a nap in a hammock under canopy

After lunch we set up hammocks under the canopy and took an hour or so nap followed by a bath or swim in the river.

Time for a bath

bathing in the river

Then it was back to fishing in the afternoon.

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