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Floating Indigenous Village in the Amazon: indigenous Peoples’ Day

I was fortunate to visit several Indigenous villages In the Amazon during my trip. Including a Floating Indigenous Village in the Amazon.

This village is 30-minute boat ride from Manaus and all the homes float on the river. Some have electricity, but most don’t. It is complete with their own school, local market and shops, all floating. The village also includes several aquafarms where local fish are raised and sold In the Manaus markets

Video of floating indigenous village

Exploring a Floating Indigenous Village in the Amazon #indigenouspeoplesday

This floating indigenous village is a unique experience that you don’t want to miss. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the indigenous people of the Amazon and their customs. You’ll also be able to see some of the beautiful views of the Amazon rainforest that you’ll never be able to see anywhere else!

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