Why, Where and When: Alaska 2022


it’s always been a goal to visit all 50 states and the make Alaska the last state visited in this quest. as I write this, I’m at 45 states missing Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, New Mexico and of course Alaska.

COVID changed everything for everyone and while I suffered setbacks and job loss, etc. this blog is not about that.

So instead of Alaska being the last state and doing it as a cruise, I decided to go and spend June 2022 exploring the state on my terms, doing what I want to do and making it a 60th birthday present to myself!


In future posts I will detail the route and thought processes and activities in each of the following regions, but it will be mostly outdoors and fishing involved.


  • Kenai Peninsula 
  • Talkeetna 
  • Denali 
  • Fairbanks 
  • Arctic 


June 2022.

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