Endless Options

One thing I discovered in all my travels, including spending 11 months backpacking across Europe in the 1980s , is that you never have enough time to see and do what you want.

Eleven months and two weeks in Europe and I couldn’t see everything, so I don’t expect a 3-week Alaska expedition to allow me to see and do all I want.

In planning this trip I had to focus on what is important to me and what I must do versus what would be nice to do.

there are a million tradeoffs and of course time and money are functions of this equation. especially money!

three weeks and about a $20,000 all in budget, including airfare from Miami, fishing guides, and a 4×4 truck rental.

Alaska Must Dos

fishing for halibut, trout, char and salmon

explore national parks

experience glaciers and tundra ecosystems

enjoy midnight sun in Arctic / attend midnight sun festival

see old Navy friends that live in Alaska

drive the Dalton Highway (ice road truckers)

Alaska Nice to dos

glacier fjord cruise

visit arctic ocean / the a dip

pan for gold

flight seeing tour

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