Adventures Far and Wide (and sometimes close to home)

While this blog is (mostly) about my future expeditions and adventures to Alaska, the Amazon and Patagonia, I am no stranger to far away or exotic places.

I’ve been to more than 60 countries on five continents and all but 5 states in the US as of this writing.

But some of my favorite adventures are really close to home, in my backyard, so to speak …. that would be Everglades and Biscyane Bay National Parks .. both less than an hour from my house … both have pristine fishing areas where many times they are as isolated from other people as any other place on the planet!

Imagine hundreds of square miles of open water and flats and no one else fishing them. You are alone and you are home in time for dinner!

During the pandemic I thought of new adventures in far away places, but those closer to home became even more special than ever. Find your adventure close to home!

Closer to home …

tell us your adventures in the comments:

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