Can’t see all of Europe in a year … So I don’t expect to see all of Alaska in a month

One thing I learned through years of travel, you can’t see it all. Even if you spend a year backpacking aimlessly across Europe, from July 1984 to June 1985, which I did after four years in the US Navy.

what I discovered is that you can’t possibly see, enjoy or experience it all, so you have to make tradeoffs and priorities based on what is important to you as well as just winging it and go where the flow goes (like going to Barcelona for a weekend but staying a month or following that cute girl that wants to travel to Northern Sweden …)

Jokkmokk, Sweden (1984)

While I have gone as far north as Jokkmokk, Sweden and as Far East as Konya, Turkey (technically in Asia) and as far west as Finesterre, Spain, the places I have not seen in Europe during that year would be most people’s bucket list, but what I experienced is uniquely me and a part of Europe most people never see.

So, I don’t expect to see all of Alaska in one month and I’m sure there are a lot of places I will miss, but experience also shows me that I will go back.

I have been back to Europe maybe 20 times, for both business and pleasure, since the 1980s and have yet to go to Venice or Prague!

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