Six months to go and much to do …

Six months from today I head out for the first of three big adventures, first being Alaska, followed by the Amazon (RIO Negro) and later on Iceland / Greenland. .

Yet I have so much to do for Alaska.

I have most, if not all my gear, but still have to field test quite a bit of it.

I’m still about $7,000 short of my 20K budget for this trip.

still need to lose another 8 -10 pounds and keep it off! Wife thinks 15, I’d be happy dropping another 5.

still have a few logistics to nail down, especially if my daughter decides to come along or will meet me along the trip.

But while I am juggling all of this, planning is also moving ahead for the Amazon in 2023, details to be decided and deposits due as soon as I’m back from Alaska and then to decide what 2024 looks like (Iceland and Greenland or Patagonia).

these trips take a lot of research, planning and money, (15K plus per trip) which needs to be saved and allocated.

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