Extreme Geographical Points: the southern tip of mainland US

Like the Johnny cash song, I’ve been everywhere man …

I’ve crossed all geographic lines of demarcation by foot (Greenwich Mean and Arctic Circle) and all the others by US Navy ship (both tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, International Date Line and the Equator) , except the Antarctic circle.

I’ve hiked through every type of terrain from rainforests to deserts to tundra … I’ve been to the bottom of the world (Dead Sea) and some of the highest points mountains in the Rockies. Although I’ m no mountain climber and took hiking trails through Glacier National Park and Rocky National park.

Yesterday, while fishing and exploring in Everglades National Park I stumbled upon a new one: Southern most point of the US mainland. When in Alaska there will be a few new personal bests for me to reach such as furthest north in North America as well as making it to the Arctic Ocean.

at the real southern tip of mainland US

Cape Sable: The real southern point

Cape Sable is the southernmost point of the US mainland. The Cape Sable peninsula is located at 25°7’6″N 81°5’11″W in the southwestern portion of the US State of Florida and forms a part of the Everglades National Park.

The cape separates the waters of the Gulf of Mexico with those of Florida bay and the Atlantic.

A great fishing spot and one of immense beauty if you can get there

Cape Sable, FL

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