Off the Grid Dog Rescue: Wolf Creek, MT

A five day fly fishing trip in northwest Montana in March 2019 on the upper Missouri river turned into a dog rescue by the aptly named town of Wolf Creek.

site of dog rescue

On day four, we stopped for lunch on the leeward side a large island for lunch and some fishing. While we were eating cold sandwiches a small black dog appeared. First we thought there were other people fishing on the island, but soon we figured out this little guy was lost on an island in the middle of a river in late March in northern Montana where the nighttime temps drop to freezing.

After much chase and a little bit of food we captured him. took a picture of his tag. While we had no cell coverage we had to take the dog with us as if we left him on the island he would sure either freeze to death or be killed by wolves.

Later in town he was reunited with his owners, as he escaped a nearby ranch.

Same dog safely at home December 2021.

Safe at home!

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