2021 a Year of Adventures, Misadventures & Missed Adventures

2021 was another strange year. Some adventures, a few misadventures and plenty of missed adventures, some due to COVID related travel restrictions and others to family medical emergencies. Here’s a recap:

Travels & Adventures

Not much this year, but better than 2020! Travel wise I did make it to visit my daughter in Chicago and son in Toronto. Did a lot of fishing, all local in and around South Florida in the Everglades and Biscayne Bay National Park.

Tarpon Fishing

Fishing Highlight was going 2 for 3 on some big ass tarpon (all over 150 pounds). For the two that I landed each fought for 30-45 minutes and it was a toss up who was more exhausted, me or the tarpon. (me for sure).

Guide: Capt. Mo Miami Bonefishing.

Backcountry Grand Slam

Achieved a backcountry grand slam for the first time in nearly 15 years, catching a snook, redfish and a sea trout all in the same day in Everglades National Park.

Guide: Capt. Mo Miami Bonefishing.

Other fishing highlights was catching a nice bonefish on my annual birthday fishing trip, bull shark and personal best barracuda (title photo).

Guide: Capt. Mo Miami Bonefishing.

Birthday Boy and his Biscyane Bay Bonefish

Peacock basspalooza

This was a bang up year for South Florida peacock bass, notwithstanding not going to Brazil’s Rio Negro (due to COVID). went in early march and late December both in the Everglades, and both trips we landed high double digit peacocks (read Peacock bass fishing report here)

late year peacock in Everglades

Guide: Capt. Scott, Miami Peacock Adventures

Bronco off-roadeo: Texas Hill Country

Really the adventure highlight of the year! see full blog post here. Two-day off roading on a professional trail in the Texas Hill Country, especially built to test the new Ford Broncos.

Training and the track was awesome and now I am confident to handle any off road adventure from Florida to Alaska and beyond.

Guide: Bronco Off-roadeo

Texas Bowfishing

While in Horseshoe Bay, Texas for the Bronco event, I took the opportunity to try for the first time night bow fishing for carp. Definitely looks easier on YouTube videos than in real life. I went 1 for about 10 on the carp and 0 for 4 on the gar. hope to improve next time I go bow fishing.

Guide: Hill Country Hammer

carp shot with arrow


Everglades National Park Kayak Accident

I capsized my inflatable kayak with a jury-rigged trolling motor mount on the stern. The weight of the battery wasn’t evenly distributed and it capsized about 1/2 mile offshore in Florida Bay making a hard turn to the port side. I was able to right the kayak by cutting the battery loose and then swim back with the kayak until I was picked up by ENP rangers where I gladly took the ride back to Flamingo in their boat.

weight not evenly distributed

Missed Adventures

Amazon trip to Rio Negro

Canceled twice in 2020 and 2021, now scheduled for 2023

Fishing the Battenkill in Vermont

Canceled fall 2020 and again Spring 2021 due to Covid.

Florida Gator Hunt

Didn’t get my tag, but was still invited to go along on a hunt in central Florida. Unfortunately due to family issues had to cancel.

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