Importance of Local (fishing bar) Knowledge

Local knowledge of an off-grid area for exploring is key. Whether you’re fishing, hiking or hunting, getting the local lay of the land (or river) is always critical. (BTW, most good exploring is done off the grid, so a good map and / or GPS device and other gear is required for safety.)

One such place where people are friendly and usually more willing to talk to strangers is the local pub or bar or tavern, especially in small towns such as Craig, MT (pop 43), The Forks, ME (pop 23) and Alcova, WY (pop 76).

For the price of a few rounds of beer or whiskey, lips loosen up and sometimes details emerge like what are the best flies to use, best fishing hole or where to avoid certain rapids, etc. or were there is a killer view only locals know about!

Besides, even if the locals don’t give away all their knowledge, it’s always a great time in small town honky tonk.

And don’t forget to leave a dollar bill on their wall!

bar in Alcova, WY with my former ship’s name

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