Put the phone down and take a kid outdoors

I grew up before cell phones and the Internet (thank God). I spent most of my youth outdoors and once I had a bike I found freedom.

My kids (both adults) also grew up mostly offline and definitely pre-social media. I made sure they spent time outdoors as much as possible.

Fishing. Hiking. Exploring. Camping. .We did it all.

It’s so important for kids to experience the outdoors and it can change their life. You don’t even have to go to any extremes, take them to a state park, start small. Get out.

And if you don’t have kids, volunteer at an organization such as Big Brothers Big sisters or any other youth direct org.

And if you have kids, take their friends along too. it will be a shared offline experience for all.

Whatever you do, put the phone down and take them outdoors. You won’t regret it.

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